Flowbdin is a Principality ruled by Lord Kathrook Kaliri. There is a Senate represented by land owners and a strict, economically-based, justice system.

Human, Half-Elves, Goblinoids, Dwarves, Halflings, and Orcs.

Flourishing farm communities in the south. Rock quarries and mineral mines in the north. Scattered Woodlands.

Flowbdin’s actual military is very scattered and inconsistent, although they do have a decent infantry and a strong cavalry presence. Oftentimes the various Orc tribes in the north will serve as border patrols in exchange for food and goods from the local farmers.

Flowbdin, more so than most Pellorish protectorates, relies very heavily on the presence of their Tower of Pellorum. The Tower itself is led by Lord Byron Butterbeard who commands a 500 strong brigade of Paladins. The tower itself is an impressive fortress constantly manned by archers and cannonades. Additionally, Butterbeard is a devout Pelorite and has converted a portion of his keep into a Temple of Pelor, guaranteeing a presence of over a hundred clerics.

Much of Flowbdin’s economic success is due to it’s practice of slavery. There are many slave plantations in the south (mostly owned by humans) producing textiles, food, leather, and grooming Flowbdin’s famous horses. Disrespectful or rebellious slaves are occasionally sold to the more savage Orc tribes. Peasants most often work in the mines and quarries of the north or have subsistence farms in the region surrounding the Tower of Pellorum. Tradesmen throughout the country produce the raw goods provided by the peasants and slaves.
Key Locations
Chadmere- Capitol, Religious Center
Frogdale – Large halfling community; Mostly Peasants and tradesmen; no slavery allowed.
Tower of Pellorum – Largest community in the north country; center of a large feudal territory.


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