Middle Wall

Middle-Wall is an imperial Protectorate governed by Princess Entarra Melnibone. The various regions of Middle-Wall are overseen by local governors and imperial viceroys.

Fertile farmland in the southwest. Quarries, mines and fishing villages along the southern coast. Desolate plains along the eastern border.

Primarily human, but immigration to Pellorum has made Middle-Wall a melting pot. Every race (up to and including monster races) can be found here.

Middle-Wall is the recruitment headquarters for Pellorum’s infantry. A 10 year tour of duty as a footman earns a soldier citizenship to Pellorum itself. Because of Middle-Wall’s varied population, specialists and unique soldiers (such as centaurs) are often found among these forces.

In addition to the thousands of Foot Soldiers garrisoned throughout the country, Middle-Wall hosts Pellorum’s main naval base in Plekton. Also, the City of Skelter hosts an Abbey of Pelor and a brigade of Paladins and Clerics.

Middle-Wall itself has little in the way of local goods, most of the local resources go to the military. However, with so many immigrants of different cultures coming in and out of the country, the Middle-Wall black market is a prevalent force. There are multitudes of exotic goods arriving in the ports on their way to or from Pellorum. Gatherings of Sorcerors and Druids in Provo have carved a niche for themselves as purveyors of arcane goods.

Beside the criminals and various tribes of nomads, most Middle-Wallers live a life of devout servitude to their empire. Many locals and immigrants join the Pellorish foot army, while more ambitious (and higher caste) persons attempt the path to Knighthood. Most of the cities and towns of Middle-Wall are governed by Pellorish nobility.

Key Locations
Skelter – Capitol, Holy city of Pelor
Provo – Black market hub
Plekton – Naval port city, immigration hub.
Villibar – Port city. gateway to West of the continent

Middle Wall

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