Imperial rulers of the Northwest of the Valmarian continent. The Pellorish Empire extends as far east as Rellinix in the north, and from the Eastern Coast of the Begotten Lake to the southern borders of Dutchwick and Turros. The “Free States” beyond these borders are Protectorates of Pellorum, though many of the haughty Pellorish uppercrust refer to them as “Buffer States.”

Pellorum has an immense Imperial army commanded by knights known as the Paladins of Pelor. This force is supplemented by The Wizard Corps, a conglomeration of War-Mages recruited by The Golden City’s Magic Council. There is also a substantial navy protecting the western coast.

The Pellorish Military maintains immense keeps known as the Towers of Pellorum in Skroag, Flowbdin, Tirj, and Dutchwick. These keeps are fortified with soldiers, wizards, archers, cannons and cavalry. These towers work in conjunction with (yet independently from) the military of their host states and service local communities ruled by Pellorish lords.

Pellorum’s central cities are built along a region of rocky plains, served by ancient canals and aqueducts. The cities are tall and majestic, thriving with trade from all over the known world. The western coast of the country has many thriving seaports. There are high deposits of gold and mithral throughout Pellorum’s hills.

Key Locations
The Golden City- The Capitol and seat of the government.
Trioch- Temples of the Gods. Heavy trade among pilgrims.
Beklan- Headquarters and training for the Imperial Army. Most direct trade hub from Tirkana.
Valma- The High Holy Place. Site of an ancient battle and former capitol of Pellorum.
Koluskrad- Black Market hub.


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