Skroag is a monarchy composed of City-States. It’s current ruler is King Skarp-Hedin Njallson. He is assisted in governing by the House of Dukes.

Hilly regions, caves, forests, fishing villages, plains.

Dwarven and Human.

The Royal Skrollish Army is composed of volunteers from all of the various city-states. They specialize in phalanx combat and support their infantry with war-magi, barbarian brigades, and cannons. The army’s auxiliary forces are supplied with cannonballs and explosives from Spektros.

Additionally, each city-state has a garrison reflecting their city’s strengths and specialization.

Skroag has a very diverse culture from region to region. what was once several warring communities allied together centuries ago to fend off the Pellorish invasion. Although their efforts were in vain, the Empire was impressed with their gumption and allowed the Country to maintain it’s newly formed unity (with the presence of a Tower of Pellorum). Each city-state supports a feudal community. Between the many cities, rangers and druid tribes roam the plains providing a news network.

See Key Locations

Key Locations
Spektros – Capitol, Soldier training, weaponry, alchemic items.
Primghar – Archery militia, Pellorish garrison, black market presence, masterwork and enchanted bows
Ashburnham – Dwarven City with Underdark access, Dwarven items
Farvana – Philosopher city, Monk Temples
Tiris – Holy City, cleric items, shrines to the gods, churches,
Kalispell – Wizarding city, Magik books and items.
Halfmoonby – Port city, Royal Navy headquarters, exotic foreign items, Black market presence
Tower of Pellorum Run by Lady Kilishi Dove.


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