The Badlands

The badlands are a chaotic region with no central government. Various barbarian tribes roam the desert. The strongest governing body is that of the Ork tribes, who mostly defer to Chief Mord Gnashtooth in Oglusk.

Orc, Half-Orc, Human, Goblinoids, Zkiaq, Chupacabran, Giants, Dwarves

Rolling dunes and desert regions along the mountains. pockets of fertile land along the river. Underdark entry along the Hellsmere border.

Without a formal central government, there is no combined military force in the Badlands. Mord Gnashtooth has the ability to ally many of the Ork tribes into a horde, but currently maintains an uneasy peace with the rest of the continent.

The city of Lakeville has a garrison of Knights of Dutchwick as well as a Slave Corps.

The Badlands have been the Ork homeland for centuries. The city of Oglusk is the mightiest Ork community on the continent, and the home of Oglusk and his tribe. Oglusk was once a human city, built in defiance of the Orks centuries prior, but has now been repurposed as the Orkin Capitol. Blood Rock is the only other notable Orkish community, and is a holy place where Orkin pay homage to Grummsh.

The humans of Dutchwick established the colony of Lakeville as a waypoint for their slave trade.

Other nomadic tribes roam the region, following the herds and attempting to avoid the wrath of the warlike Orkin.

Mostly slaves through Lakeville and various weapons and curios from the nomadic tribes. occasionally rare Zkiaquian items make their way through the desert.

Key Locations
Oglusk – Orkin capitol. non-Orks rarely granted access.
Blood Rock – Orkin shrine and city. Chaotic energies seem to surround this place.
Lakeville – Human colony, slave plantations, less primitive weaponry and exotic trade.

The Badlands

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