Commerce-based Principality.

Tirj is a Principality governed by Lord Benjamin Vischus. He is advised and assisted by the Council of Burgesses, representatives of the many industries and trade guilds in Tirj. Additionally there is a Tower of Pellorum ruled by Duke Deveren Pontius.

Mainly Human and Merfolk, but heavy diversity in the trade cities.

All free men of Tirj must serve a three year conscription in the Tirjin Legion. The legion employs Phalanx strategies in its footmen and favors the longbow in its archer battalions. The more skilled and educated soldiers often serve in the River Navy, which traverses the inland assisted by cells of Merfolk.

In times of great crisis, the Council of Burgesses will conscript a Trade Militia of any foreign traders, mercenaries, and Adventurers. Anyone hoping to conduct legal business in Tirj is contractually bound to joining this militia. The militia only ever has a temporary hierarchy assigned and overseen by the Council.

Trade drives almost everything in Tirj. It is an intensely competitive Hub to all of the mid-continental tade routes. Tirj itself is rich in lumber, metals, minerals, and oil, but almost any kind of good can be found imported to one of the major cities. As a Southern country, there is a burgeoning slave trade. There is also an avid black market for stolen goods (particularly Merfolk weapons) and illicit items such as Devil Grass.

River valleys to the north bordered by hilly woodlands. The south has many oil plantations and there are mineral-rich hills in the east bordering Gleem.

Key Locations
Falia- Capitol, Council of Burgesses, and seat of the royal family.
Blackton- Mining City
Vickburg- Port City. Base of the River Navy


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