Tirkana Isle is actually composed of three independent nations.

The Tirk are human surface-dwellers who rule the majority of the island’s landmass. Their society is recognized by the Pellorish Empire and given a wide berth and modicum of respect throughout the continent. They are ruled by King Sleipnir Blacktooth.

The Changing People are a vicious race of savage lizardfolk. These amphibious peoples come in a variety of shapes and sizes and rule the reefs on Tirkana’s coast. Their tribal structure is largely unknown to outsiders.

The Muspellin are an Impin inventor-society based in the caves and passages of Muspelheim. They have very limited interaction with the outside world. Their government resembles a College Hierarchy and is lead by Juren Flowchamber.

Human, Impin, Trogolodyte

The island has lush forested areas surrounding mountains and a great volcano in the center. There is a vast coastal reef to the west of the main island, making ship travel treacherous.

The Tirk have the most conventional military structure on the island. Their warriors are composed of the Raptor-Knights and the Valkyrie. The Raptor Knights are a brutal cavalry force who ride trained Deinonychuses. The Valkyrie are an aerial force wh have tamed massive pterodactyls to ride. The Valkyrie are most often deadly archers, but have a decent amount of magik-users as well. The Tirk also have a navy of impressive longboats who patrol the sea and assist in the passage of merchant ships from Jekton, Mogris, Skroag, and Middle-Wall.

The Changing People’s military structure is a mystery. What the Surface-dwellers do know, is that they often send massive raiding parties into the island, and have been known to raid passing merchant ships.

The Muspellin’s military is focused entirely on defense. Their Mountain provides ample protection, but a cadre of Impin solders called the Trap-Masters patrol their caverns misleading intrepid explorers and destroying pesky monsters. In the event of a serious exterior threat, the Inventor Council have a vault dedicated to weapons of war. The very notion of this is enough to give pause to even the most daring of conquerors.

The only outgoing trade to the island is funneled through The Tirk. They trade minerals, herbs, and rare creatures to the greater continent. A non-aggression pact with the Impin gives them Muspellin Adamantine to trade and occasionally more rare and exciting items.

The Tirk are a proud warrior culture who settled Tirkana centuries ago. They are fierce, strong, and very capable sailors. Tirkin Society is divided into family plots throughout the island. They have built shrines and designated holy groves that both respect and employ the island’s unique ecosystem. Once a year, the Tirkin all gether at Althing to pay taxes an settle disputes.

The Changing People have no discernible language and seem to be motivated only to eat human flesh. They are viciously effective with their tridents and constantly raid coast side villages and trade ships. Occasionally a large party of the amphibians will form and venture further inland. The changing people have a wide variety of skeletal structures and body shapes, often differing from nest to nest. They are nonetheless clearly a somewhat unified society, as each nest will work together and form war-gangs of different lizardfolk.

Muspellin society is based around a relentless pursuit of knowledge and discovery. The population is based in the cave city of Muspelheim, and advanced cave-community that employs steam-power, combustion, and aqueducts. Citizens travel from sector to sector of the city by way of complicated rail systems and lifts. In addition to their engineering prowess, the Impin are also students of Astronomy and Physics. The center of their society is The Alchemy Institute, an enormous library and home of the Inventor Council.

Impin only mate once, and usually only bear children once a century, so Muspelheim’s population rarely grows.

Key Locations
Althing – Tirkin Capitol City, The Citadel of Sleipnir, trading port
Klubri – Tirkin Port City. Garrison of Raptor-Knights
Muspelheim – Impin Cave City.
Lukrektil Mt. – Volcano, a proving ground for young Tirkin warriors.


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