Slave Country

Dutchwick is a tyrannical principality ruled by Lord Keldar Peregrine. Keldar is also the Marshall of Dutchwick’s military forces. Every branch and facet of the government is a direct extension of the military.

Human, Orc, Dwarf, Goblin, and slaves of every possible culture.

Farmland and hills in the north and desert regions in the south. Slave plantations throughout the entire country.

Every citizen of Dutchwick is considered a serving member of the Dutchwick military. Most peasants serve as Footmen and have full gear and training. Despised, impressive, or unruly slaves are often sentenced to the Slave Corps, a Fodder force numbering well over a thousand. Slave Corps units are promised a loaf of bread for every enemy head they claim. The Freefolk of Dutchwick make up the Citizen Army. Even tradesmen and merchants must serve, at least in an official capacity. The most professional soldiers are the Knights of Dutchwick, who answer directly to Lord keldar.

Dutchwick’s entire economy is based on slavery and military spending.

Warlike and domineering by nature, Dutchwick regularly organizes raids and campaigns into the mountains, badlands, and and southern continent to enlarge it’s own coffers with plundered goods and new slaves. Slave trade to Tirj and independent merchants is extremely lucrative and provides them the capital and political leeway to continuously pursue their vicious campaigns. Dutchwick residents and nobility rationalize their slave culture as means to maintaining their military might to defend the rest of the continent from the Orc tribes of the Badlands.

Key Locations
Carondolet – Largest city, Slave re-education, Gladiator arenas
Mastenville – Military training city and operational headquarters
Bradgate – Trade outpost
Kerr – Capitol, most lush city, industrial center, gladiator arenas
Tower of Pellorum


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