Goblintown is an oppressive, greed-based society ruled by Mayor Nikto Tongue-Smasher.

The Town is a well-defensed cavern with crude goblin tunnels leading in and out. An underground river flows from the mountain through the town and eventually forms the North Bend.


Goblintown is defended by traditional Goblin Cave-Gangs; posses of fighters and rogues who patrol the tunnels.

Despite Goblin goods not being of particular demand, Goblintown is one of the most successful trade hubs in its region. minerals and alchemical mixtures are cultivated by the local populace. Dwarven goods make their way through the town (though rarely through direct trade with the Dwarves). Additionally, the government has no restrictions on trade, so the black market operates openly. This makes Goblintown the cheapest place to purchase illegal or stolen items on the continent. Mercernary work is plentiful, as shop-owners are consistently funding explorations into the mountains for more unique treasure.

Unlike most Goblin settlements, Goblintown openly invites outsiders. The founders of the cave society figured out their geographic advantage quickly (well… quickly for a goblin…). By making peace with the Dwarves of Longview and the Gnomes of Gleem, and opening trade to the surface-dwellers, they created a successful mid-mountain trading hub.

Goblintown has a mixed relationship with the other Goblin kingdoms in the Upper Boggrassians Some are content to leave the town alone in exchange for surface world goods they would otherwise have to pillage. Others are petty and vengeful, and consider it an affront for goblins to even consider peace with the hated Dwarves and Gnomes.


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