Jekton is a Principality ruled by Baron Josiah Gryphonne. The Government is composed of Ministries of Magik, Trade, Justice and War. The Ministers of each of these cabinets is appointed by the Baron himself.

Jekton boasts strong fishing communities and mills along the river in the south. There are several port cities on it’s eastern coast. There are mines and deadland in the northwest and sparse woodland broken up by farms and plantations in the center.

Humans and Dwarves

Jekton has a formidable lake navy, but its tactics are more suited to protecting trade vessels than to protecting the mainland. By contrast, the western borders of the country are patrolled by archery battalions considered some of the most deadly in the world. Jekton’s standing army is composed of mostly slaves serving a 5 year tour to earn their freedom. Jekton’s military officers are all noblemen appointed to their rank by the Gryphonne family.

Jekton’s central location makes it a key hub for mid-continental trade routes. Most goods from the southern continent pass through the city of Jolliton on their way to Pellorum (and vice versa). Jekton also has a strong relationship with The Tirkin of Tirkana Isle, and trade with them for exotic creatures. Jekton itself is known for producing sturdy weaponry and many fine delicacies. There is also a strong black market presence in the country, particularly in the city of Piper’s Dell.

Jekton is a very proud country. Well, at least among the uppercrust. The country is very economically successful, and the nobility are always around to claim credit for that. Unfortunately, this success often comes from abusing and taking advantage of the peasants, tradesmen and slaves. The Government and military leadership is strictly Nobles-Only. As a result, the lower classes are more than happy to turn a blind eye to the criminal underworld, giving the black market a strong presence in the country.

Key Locations
Corbett – Capitol City
Jolliton Main trade hub
Piper’s Dell – Bohemian city often referred to as the “Thieves Den”
Sidril – Naval Headquarters, port city
Wodenbirt Dwarven city


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