Land of Enlightenment

Karasen is a republic overseen by Thane Federicus Glumb (a gnomish Nobleman). Gubernatorial decisions are made by the Karish Senate under advisement from Thane Federicus, The Abbot of Greenbrook, and other political players.

Human, Elf, and Gnome

Rolling hills and woodland give way to a river divide in the south. Occasional farms pepper the countryside.

The official army of Karasen is the Knights of Greenbrook. Also known as the Cleric-Elite, the Knights are combat-clerics of St. Cuthbert. The army is often supplemented by Warrior monks from the Temple of Light, when brute force is the less effective tactic. The various nomadic populations usually have their own militia.

International trade is virtually nonexistent in Karasen. There are basic goods in Kamba and Kucity, as well as specialty Elven or Gnomish goods. Travelers to the country often buy religious or spiritual items in Greenbrook or at the Temple of Light.

Karasen prides itself on its open-mindedness and welcoming attitude. The population is composed of farmers, clergy, druidic hermits, and nomadic tribes. The southern cities serve to maintain justice, regulate taxes, and other governmental duties. The Temple of Light is a city-sized shrine where the finest warrior monks of the continent gather to train. Greenbrook Abbey is a holy city of St. Cuthbert.

Key Locations
Kucity – Capitol, executive and judicial government, economic center
Kamba Educational and administrative government, elven city
Greenbrook Abbey
Temple of Light


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