Death Mountain

Kujar is a protectorate of Pellorum and is ruled by Duke Archibald Trueblood, a legendary warrior with bloodties to the Emperor himself. Kujar has no native governing body.

One enormous mountain

Human, Dwarf, Giant, Gnome, Goblin.

Duke Archibald’s personal Knights are garrisoned at all of the mountain passes. Dwarven and Gnomish constabularies assist the Imperials as guides and magi. The Colony of Giants to the south sides with no one, but the Empire is content to leave them be as they provide ample defense for the mountain.

Monore is the Empire’s main keep in the territory and it plays host to Pellorum’s deadliest military technology. Duke Archibald is not only a mighty warrior and cunning strategist, he is also a highly intelligent and well-versed tinker. He has perfected the art of Ballooning and developed great airships to patrol his territory. Additionally, his personal army has an air cavalry of many flying beasts and devices, as well as the standard detachment of Pellorish Paladins.

The natives of Kujar generally wish to be left to their own devices and tolerate the empire’s presence for the protection it provides them. The various conlonies of dwarves and humans are heavy practioners of alchemy and sorcery. Duke Archibald allows slavery, but most of the dwarven communities abstain from it.

Kujar is a source of many fine jewels, alchemical potions and tinctures, and refined metals. Black market goods are available in Flaemouth.

Key Locations
Monore – Capitol, heavily fortified keep built into the side of the mountain. only accessible by air or by narrow passages.
Flaemouth – Dwarven city, Trade hub.


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