The Magik Kingdom

Mogris is is a Magocracy, a country ruled by an Archmage. The current Archmage is a half-elf named Fandral Yulic. He is advised by The Council of Magi, high ranking wizards and sorcerors representing the various schools of magic.

Mogris’ interior is mostly woodland and hilly meadows with the occasional farm. The western coast of the country is home to many fishing communities.

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves

Mogris’ military is an eclectic arrangement. In the event of military action, the High Magi will generally summon considerable extra-planar forces to fight, and insulate their own countrymen from the violence. The High Magi are assisted in these battles by the Wizard Brigade, specially trained war-magi from the Temple of Daegord. Interior security and policing is the responsibility of the Sheriffs of Greytree. Mogris also has considerably impressive Lake and River Navy. The Sailors of Mogris are often considered the best in the land.

The citizens of Mogris (Which allows no slave ownership) are all trained in either martial, magikal, or aquatic professions. Those innately gifted in Magik are sought out by the Council of Magi and study at the Temple of Daegord from age 9 to 28. Graduates of the temple are inclined to devote at least 2 years to public service. Peasants and tradesmen on the western coast usually devote their lives to the sea and are taught sailing skills and strategy at the Naval Academy in Clam Astra. Graduates of Clam Astra must serve a year-long Tour-of-Duty once every seven years. The citizens of Mogris’ inland often learn the skills of the ranger. Those especially connected to the heart of Mogris’ forests make the pilgrimage to Greytree to seek apprenticeship from one of it’s Sheriffs. Each Sheriff has a particular territory within the country he must protect. The apprentice will serve under their master until he or she dies, passing on his or her responsibilities and territory.

Key Locations
Daegord – Capitol, Council of Magi, Temple of Daegord (Magik school)
Clam Astra – Naval Base, port, trade hub
Polemachus – Port City, fishing, trade
Greytree – Holy place, Ranger headquarters
Bixton – Port City, Fishing, Trade


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