The Valmarian Calendar

The Valmarian Calendar was established 1163 years ago by the great mathematician Tillento (for whom the last month of Spring is named). Each week is 5 days long, and each month is 30 days. The year is 390 days long. The longest season is Summer, for which there are 4 months instead of 3. The New Year begins in Augrius, on the 1st day of Spring.

The Valmarian Week: Grummon, Milekan, Pellen, Cuthen, Heiron.

The Valmarian Year


  1. Augrius
  2. Phillious
  3. Tillento
  4. Kepsper
  5. Bree
  6. Cebriox
  7. Dragontide
  8. Foolsfree
  9. Shandive
  10. Ubak
  11. Runkis
  12. Kender
  13. Geogate

This game will begin on Grummon, the 21st of Shandive.

The Valmarian Calendar

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