Tribal Free-State

Turros is very loose and chaotic place. The governing body is a triumvirate between the leaders of three largest tribes: the Oliken, the Yiirexi, and the Chupacabrans. Most political decisions are settled by way of combat.

Orcs, Half-Orcs, Humans, Halflings, Goblinoids, Gnolls

Hilly badlands, Underdark entry, virtually no fertile ground. Some scattered caves and mining colonies within the mountainsides.

Because the country itself is composed of an uneasy alliance between three tribes, every single person in Turros is considered a soldier and will fight to the death to protect their family and homeland. Each tribe uses different tactics to protect their particular sphere of influence, but have all come together to face exterior threats from time to time.

There are three main tribes in Turros:
The Oliken are mainly Orcs, Goblinoids and Gnolls. Class-wise they are usually fighters, barbarians, or dark clerics.
The Yiirexi are humans, half-orcs, and half-elves. They are also usually fighters and barbarians, but also have a sizeable population of monks, and sorcerors.
The Chupacabrans are coyote-like Halfling variants. They roam the plains in their enormous lizard mounts, called labrogators. Again, they are mostly fighters and barbarians, but with a sprinkling of rogues and bards as well. The Bards of CHupacabra are considered some of the most terrifying singers on the continent.

The tribes generally keep out of each others way. The Oliken tend to raid the southern border against invasive tribes of monsters. The Yiirexi hunt game in the middle and north of the country. The chupacabran mine the hills and mountainside. There is occasionally conflict between one faction or the other, but the tribal elders can usually keep it from getting out of hand.

Key Locations
Mangleham – An enormous, gated city. Oliken capitol
Grumbleton – Well defended siege castle. Yiirexi capitol.
Wistlekrak – A city built within the mountainside. Chupacabran capitol.


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